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''Welcome Lindbergh" card from Salt Lake City!

''Welcome Lindbergh" card from Salt Lake City!
A previously unreported item from the US goodwill tour, etc

{Courtesy Susan R. Whitehead}

Interesting things never stop happening. It's hard to imaginie a more unexpected surprise than this card from Lindbergh's US goodwill tour. The standard cachets and the Milwaukee "Welcome Lindbergh'' printed card from the US tour were initially recorded and illusiratud in 1928. They have heen catalog fixtures ever since. No changes.

1927 Lindbergh Salt Lake City front
So how do we explain this card? The design is clearly based on the Milwaukee card - which was illustrated in the Apr--Jun 2001 issue of Lindbergh Notes (ex JKAL). When such cards are printed they are usually widely distributeand many copies are serviced. But this clearly didn't happen in this case. The Salt Lake City card is apparently quite scarce and has maintained a very low profile over the years.

Sometimes when no explanation is readily available starting a discussion about a cover [in this cause a card] and its characteristics can generate helpful ideas. As usual, readers are invited to join in and offer their ideas, suggestions and / or related information.

The Milwaukee cards were produced and serviced in quantity. They are not hard to find, and can be acquired at modest prices. In contrast, finding another copy of the SLC card would likely he quite difficult.
1927 Lindbergh Salt Lake City back
Some comment on the printed message - "I helped to Welcome Lindbergh at Salt Lake Sept. 3-4 (1927)'' - is probably in order. The Lindbergh section listing 153 simply states "September 3, Salt Lake City, Utah." However, the log of the Spirit of St. Louis tells us that, on Sept. 3, Lindbergh made a 7 hrs. 35 min. flight from Cheyenne to Salt Lake City and, on Sept. 4 he made a 4 hrs. 30 min. flight from Salt Lake City to Boise, Idaho. So it's correct that Lindbergh was in SLC on Sep 3 and 4. But it would appear likely that the celebrating was on Sep 3 after he arrived, and that the activity on Sep 4 was probably limited to saying good-bye at the airport when he left for Boise.
The written message on the card is "We had a ride in machine like Lindberghs while at San Diego. Lindy is here at the Utah Hotel with us. Regards to all. - Trivette." So here we get a bit of Lindbergh trivia trom Trivette. Lindbergh stayed overnight at the Utah Hotel.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the card, from the "what happened" point of view, is the date and time of the postmark. It's dated Sep 4, the day Lindbergh left SLC, and it's timed 10:30 pm, a late hour.

1927 Lindbergh Milwaulkee Card
At this point a thought suggests itself. Could it be that the SLC cards, whose content suggests they were intended for widespread distribution and use, were somehow delayed and were not available until Sep 4? Late distribution, perhaps after Lindbergh had departed SLC, could have put a damper on enthusiasm. As a result, only a few cards may have been posted, late in the day.

One last thought is stimulated by the apparent scarcity of this card. It's possible that whoever prepared the widely used Milwaukee cards had proposed that similar cards be printed for SLC, but SLC rejected the idea and there was no production run. If so, the card mailed on Sep 4 could be a proof.

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