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FAM's - Foreign Air Mail contracts

FAM 14-29


1st Flight
Honolulu to Shanghai, China

FAM-14 Flight used on June 4, 1947 to Shanghai, China

Arrival backstamp on reverse
dated June 6, 1947.

FAM 14-29 Honolulu to Shanghai
FAM 24-45


FAM-24 was extended to Helsinkii, Finland on June 24, 1947. An official cachet was supplied at New York Air Mail Field as well as the main office.

Covers are postmarked June 19, the scheduled inaugural date, but the actual departure did not take place intil June 24.

Helsinki airmail arrival backstamp
dated '26 VI 47' on reverse.

FAM 28-12a


1st Flight
Alaska to China

Anchorage, Alaska to Shanghai, China.

Arrival backstamp on reverse.

Only 285 covers Flown!

FAM 28-12a FFC Alaska to China

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