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Miscellaneous Air Mail Flights

Balloon Mail

Paris - 1870 Ballon Monté

Multicolour franking on entire carried by balloon Molto Bello from the besieged city of Paris - destined for Ireland.

Dated 19 Dec 1870 with arrival marking of
December 26 - only seven days after posting.

Glider Mail

Austria - 1933 Kronfeld Glider Flight.

Special printed card (H&G 287 in green) with towns listed and special cancel from Vienna for flight over Austria, Hungary, Italy and Switzerland.

Wien, Vienna, receiving cancel on front dated 19 July 1933.

Image courtesy of: Ballston Philatelics

Flight over Mount Everest

Purnea, India - 1933

The British Houston Mount Everest Expedition was intended to fly to, and over, Mt. Everest making a photographic survey of the region approaching the highest mountain in the world.

The crew waited several weeks to obtain reasonable weather conditions of clear skies and low winds over the route.

This is one of 87 covers carried on one of the flights. Dated 8 Apr 33 with a Calcutta receiver on reverse dated 10 Apr.

Signed on reverse by Stephen H. Smith.

More details in Waterfall's
Postal History of Tibet.

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