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The FAM section of the AAMC, American Air Mail Catalog is being prepared for a publication
date in late 2001 but some flight have questions that need answering.

Have a look at the covers below and see if you can add some information of knowledge
to what is already known.

Comments by mail to George Sioras or by e-mail to webmaster

FAM 14 - 1937 Transpacific Extension to Macao and Hong Kong
Request for information

Lightly impressed example of
PURPLE cachet Type F14e as listed on F14-15b cover
See page 1831 AAMC 5th ed vol. 4

Clear impression of BLUE cachet type F14e on a F14-15b cover

Guam arrival backstamp
on both covers

The PURPLE cachet is only listed on the flight to Manila.

Can anyone confirm use of a BLUE cachet on a Macao - Honolulu cover ?

or more on the Macao - Guam leg ?

Updated 3 September 2000
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