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Selling? - Need a Value?

Many visitors have asked about valuations of airmail collections or airmail covers,
either in their possession, or belonging to relatives, alive or deceased.

Please read the following IMPORTANT information before emailing us

Most people, unless they are experts, have unrealistic ideas of the value all kinds of airmail covers.

We don't value your material.
We just show you some of the things we collect.
Some are worth $1, while others may be worth much more than $1,000.


1 - Dealers - Go to a local stamp show and talk to some dealers or bring along the covers.

2 - Society Auctions - Maybe your relative was a member of one of the societies. The American Air Mail Society AAMS,  in the USA, runs auctions where members can sell their excess items. Contact Don Lussky at the following email address for details on how to submit your material.

3 - Stamp & Postal History Auctions - There are many national and international auction houses who will sell your material.

4 - On the Internet - eBay is the most popular place to sell airmail covers and other postal history. Better items can sell well. The APS, American Philatelic Society, has an online store for members. You may want to join just for this feature.

COMMENTS: A dealer who has similar material to yours will be unlikely to want it for his stock, so will likely quote you a lower price then material he actually needs. A valuation for insurance will likely bear no close relationship to a dealer's buying price. He may see some better covers and just average out everything at a common item value price. Be aware - don't be conned. Look at what he is selling and for how much. Stamp auctions often lump many items together thereby burying better items that should have been sold separately. You therefore get a much lower price than you should. This has been discussed extensively in The American Philatelist, the APS bulletin.

Don't forget you can check the APS and eBay web sites for similar items to get an idea of real world prices, for FREE.


1 - Dealers - Go to a local stamp show and talk to some dealers. don't forget what your value is for.

2 - Catalogs - Check out the latest AAMC, American Air Mail Catalog, published by AAMS, American Air Mail Society. Check out their current publications on their web site.

3 - Society meetings - MAPS and other airmail societies usually meet annually at stamp shows and have knowledgeable collectors manning their booths or tables.

4 - Fellow Collectors - These are your best source of information on value. Enjoy your material and meet up with others who have been collecting for longer than you. They were once novices too.


Updated 27 March 2015
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